giving back to students

The Resident Endowment Fund for Education and Research, or REFER, was set up in 2022 to provide financial support to residents for their extra-curricular educational or research activities.

An ad-hoc committee comprising of 2 AOMSS executive committee members will decide on the success of the application. The amount to be awarded is up to the discretion of the appointed committee and sanctioned by either the president or vice-president of AOMSS. A maximum cap of Singapore Dollars $2000.00 may be awarded to an applicant.

Applicants must be a current resident or postgraduate student from the National University of Singapore, Master of Dental Surgery (Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery) course. Applicants interested in applying for the endowment fund will have to submit the REFER application form via email to, at least 3 months before the event.

The Resident Endowment Fund is sustained by kind contributions by our association members. We would greatly appreciate it if our members can give back to the junior OMS residents and their education. If you are keen to contribute, please email for details.